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Blog: 3 key learning styles: What works for you?

Blended learning

  • Self-engagement
  • Improves efficiency
  • Structured approach
  • Best of both worlds

This method provides a flexible approach by the various ways that online resources can be used. It is not confined to content supplied by the lecturer – this can be outsourced on the students own accord.  This also allows learners an added incentive to study remotely as well as from a classroom meaning they have the freedom to learn when convenient for them.

Blended learning results in a higher knowledge retention rate, appealing to a wider range of learning styles with the additional ability to go back and refresh their memory at any time or place


  • 24/7 access to training resources
  • Control of your own learning
  • Online discussion forums
  • Personalised learning

This is an overall cost-saving way of learning  as the student will cut down on travel costs and have the benefit of learning in their own comfortable environment (this can also increase productivity!).

eLearning courses aren’t confined to try and suit the majority – if the student already knows a particular area of the course well, then there is absolutely no need to go back over this and can move on to an area that they require more focus on.

It is easy to tailor the course to specific requirements globally with very few restrictions. Students can be confident that no matter where they are located, the content is exactly the same.

Classroom learning

  • Class discussions and teacher lectures
  • Listening and watching in person
  • Taking notes from a lecturer
  • Hands on approach

There is no way round, it. Classroom learning has the ‘human touch’ most students like. From their point of view, classroom learning deploys human element which is often missing in technology-based training.

Being in a classroom provides a group setting, this teaches students how to interact with one another in a productive and professional way, this is something that other forms of training don’t provide.

The environment allows students to learn in a safe, quiet, clean environment, away from any outside pressures or distractions.

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