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Ray Brown: A Summer of Learning Q&A

A question and answer session with our Sales & Marketing Director, Ray Brown who gives us his perspective on what is to come in this next period of learning as restrictions ease.

How do you think the easing of lockdown will affect the learning industry?

There’s no doubt that many organisations have shifted quickly to an online approach to learning. However not all providers, or indeed all learners have been willing or able to do so. I think the return to face-to-face learning will therefore be a life-saver for some businesses, but for others it will just be an extension of business as usual.

Will people return to the office? Or is the office dead?

As far as I am concerned the office is definitely not dead. Whilst online communications tools (Zoom, Teams, Connect etc) have broken down some outdated barriers in some cases, and created some incredible efficiencies along the way, its not all about those gains. There is a definite need to balance productivity and to recognise the value that face-to-face interactions between team members can offer.

I see the future as being a hybrid of WFH and Office, blending the best of technology with human interactions.

I am a learning provider and I am worried about how I can delivery my training consistently online after lockdown.

As with most things the key to success lies in the balance. Some training is best delivered f2f, and other types can be delivered remotely. Now a blended mix of in-class and remote is now a genuine option. Your investment in technology is the key, and the development of facilitation skills to ensure both methods are included, managed and supported in the right way. Find those training leaders who are comfortable with the concept and build around them. Learn from them and support them to impart their knowledge to other colleagues. In that way learning can happen in the way that suits the learner –  which is a good start point for success.

I want to go back to classroom training, how would I make this happen?

  • Firstly, gain the confidence of learners and their employers, it is the key to a successful return to classroom training.
  • Ensure that your plans have considered Covid regulations and social distancing convention. Make sure that learners understand the steps you have taken, but don’t be draconian.
  • No-one wants to learn in an oppressive environment. So take heed of some of the supermarkets, who have managed to bring customers back without terrifying them. A sense of proportion and practicality is critical to this.

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