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Support services for software vendors

Our channel services clients have clearly identified the difference between what is core and what is critical. Our strength lies in delivering the services we are expert in, allowing our clients to focus on their core activities.

This is why we’ve developed and deliver a range of channel support services specifically for technology/software vendors to manage their global training networks. These services enable our clients to focus on what they’re best at – whilst we take care of the recruitment, onboarding, support and management of their global training networks, the sector we’ve worked in for more than 20 years.

Our support is scalable and flexible to your needs. From marketing, recruitment and onboarding to courseware development, instructor programmes and accreditation. We’ve got the right resources, infrastructure and capabilities to help you get the most out of your network of partners.

We are expert at leading these programs and have built an experienced team to deliver on behalf of our client-base, so your network will be in safe hands. We already run some of the largest and fastest growing training networks in the world, working closely with our partners to maximise their profitability, ensuring that their partner networks deliver the value they need.

Program management

We are experts at managing multiple projects, across complex product sets, rolled out in multiple territories.

One of the largest challenges in a growing business is the quick deployment of experienced people to achieve your goals. The stumbling blocks are normally related to expertise and scale:

  • You don’t have anyone ‘spare’ to do the work and if you’re attempting something new you might not even have the right expertise in the business
  • You have grown quickly in the past and now you need to reduce your costs
  • You experience budget fluctuation and it affectsyour ability to deliver a consistent service

KnowledgePoint can overcome this for you by managing programs of work on your behalf. Integrating seamlessly with your business and operating as another division that you can spin up and scale back on demand.

How it works 

Channel Development

We run a sales and support channel development business dedicated to helping you grow and maximise your return on investment.
  • Reliably improving the performance of your channel or even creating it anew can be a massive undertaking. The risk versus reward needs to be carefully managed and maintaining a high level of service during this transformational phase can be nearly impossible.
  • You are passionate about growth but your sales team needs reinvigorating.
  • Your channel has performed well in the past but it’s beginning to wane.
  • You’re bringing a new product or optimising your route to market and you don’t have a channel in place

KnowledgePoint successfully runs some of the largest and fastest growing channels across Europe, maintaining strong relationships with partners of all profiles, and working closely with them to maximise their profitability.

We have a UK-based multi-lingual call centre, in-country market development and marketing localisation services on hand to deliver your programmes of work efficiently and effectively.

How it works

Market Development

We have native language speakers in country to lead programs of work, run influencer marketing and localise your message.
  • Employing personnel in your target market provides you a very distinct advantage in your channel and the ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • You want a tried and tested presence in the market to accelerate your work on the ground
  • You need market intelligence coming from the source to inform your sales and product strategy
  • You have to spin up a go to market approach for another country and you don’t know where to start

KnowledgePoint has personnel in your target market, already connected to the best trade bodies and influencers, and ready to champion your products and services. Accessing those personnel through KnowledgePoint allows you to grow at pace and scale with lower risk.

How it works