Designathon 2023 on 15 – 16 December was a fantastic experience. We saw students of industrial design and engineering come together to gain digital skills. And, they competed for the honour of being recognised as the best international team in the competition.

The Designathon asked them to respond to a challenge facing communities around the globe, using their modelling and design skills. They were asked to model a product for growing crops with renewable energy.

The Winners of Designathon 2023

1st Place

Team YİNG YANG from Türkiye

Members: Ahmet Kaya and Ömer Kağan Yılmaz

This project had one of the most detailed models among the competition entries. It features a design that is tailored to ensure that multiple plants could be stored on shelves but with each plant positioned to maximize exposure to sunlight.

The electronic components, the elements responsible for plant care, and additional components like solar panels have all been modelled in great detail, making full use of Fusion’s capabilities.

Designathon Jury

Learn more about team YİNG YANG here.

2nd Place

Team Titan from Nigeria

Members: Kolawole Alao, Oluwaseun ADEYERA, and Julia DARAMOLA

This project was one of our favourites aesthetically. The team applied high attention to details while modelling with Fusion and did a great job in generating photo-realistic renderings.

It was also one of the best projects in terms of portability. Additionally, the team considered the manufacturability of the product in their design.

Designathon Jury

Learn more about team Titan here.

3rd Place

Team Concept squad from Tunisia

Members: Oussema Benaissa, Emna Ksaier, and Azza Reguigui

This project integrates different ideas in a brilliant way. The system utilizes solar energy to condense humidity in the air and allows for growing plants without the need for soil.

Furthermore, the team has meticulously modelled their ideas, detailing the relationships between components, and using a circular design that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the product.

Designathon Jury

Learn more about team Concept squad here.

What’s the Autodesk Designathon 2023?

  • Two-day international online design challenge for engineering and industrial design students
  • Learn about Autodesk Fusion and key workflows
  • Compete against other students in the Designathon challenge
  • Learn and compete as a team (2 – 3 students)
  • Prizes and recognition for winning teams


Learn new 3D design skills and familiarise yourself with Autodesk Fusion, a platform used by manufacturers around the world. Boost your CV and showcase yourself and your designs to our expert panel.


Not only will you learn valuable skills, there are prizes for the winning teams. This design challenge offers you and your team to get your designs noticed.


Learn how to work as part of a team, a critical skill for any manufacturing setting or design team. Gather a team together and work together to achieve success.

Contact the KnowledgePoint team to find out about future Autodesk design competitions and events.