Businesses are being challenged to build teams that can keep up with the pace of technological change. Frustrated by digital skills gaps, many are investing in skilling and upskilling initiatives for their employees.

Why Certification

Investments in skilling, upskilling, and certification programs for your employees can help you get ahead of digital skills gaps. As credible third-party assessments of skills and knowledge, certifications offer proof of expertise and professionalism. Dovetailing professional certifications with training programs creates a workforce that’s prepared and successful in sectors being transformed by technology.

  • 94% of decision makers worldwide said certified team members added value above and beyond the cost of certification.1
  • $30,000+ is the return on investment (ROI) of a certified employee as estimated by 22% of managers.2
  • 81% of managers say that certified employees produce higher quality work.3

Levels of achievement

Autodesk offers a range of industry-verified certifications which are internationally recognised.​ 

  • Associate: For students and emerging professionals with Autodesk software knowledge and skills who are ready to enter the job market or shift to a new career path.​ 
  • Professional: For advanced students and professionals solving workflow and design challenges who want to move their skills, research, and career forward and stand out in their market. 
  • Expert: For graduate students and professionals who are looking to incorporate the most advanced and cutting-edge skills and want to develop significant depth in their expertise. 

Certification aligned to learning

With learning delivery and content aligned to certifications, Autodesk Learning Partners offer resources and tools designed to develop and verify skills. 

  • Skill-builder courses are designed to help teach the skills and practical experience needed for industry roles. ​ 
  • Certification Prep Courses cover topics included in the Autodesk Certification exams to help ensure you’re ready to succeed when you take them.​  

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Autodesk Certified Professionals

Certification not only validates your skills but also empowers you to stay relevant and competitive in the ever-evolving field of BIM and design.

Ahmed Muharram Heteba, CAD MASTERS, Egypt

The Autodesk certification serves as a tangible proof of my expertise in Revit, making me stand out to my current and potential future employers.

Prashant Suresh Shinde, Grand International Company Qatar

Visit our certification testimonials page to learn more about Autodesk Certified Professionals and their reflections on the value of certification here.

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