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Digital technologies will change how things are made forever. Your students will work in factories transformed by digital technologies – and these factories offer the potential to drive economic prosperity.

Designed for educators who are teaching Autodesk software products and for professionals in the mechanical engineering and product design space, KnowledgePoint recently delivered a series of webinars to introduce you to Autodesk® Fusion — the next-generation 3D platform for product development.

The webinars were recorded and by accessing this content you will:

  • Learn how to design, model, and fabricate product ideas.
  • Use industry workflows, and explore exciting and emerging areas of manufacturing, such as generative design.
  • Gain skills needed for future personal and career development.
Webinar topicDescriptionDate & Time
Fundamental mechanical part design techniques with FusionCreating a robotic arm mechanismAccess the recording here
Parametric design principles & design documentation with FusionTechnical drawing details of RC helicopter partsAccess the recording here
Mechanical assembly strategies & product design with FusionCreating the table vise assemblyAccess the recording here
Mechanical simulation and analysis application in FusionComparison of static stress analysis for a bracket designAccess the recording here
The generative design workspace in FusionLightweight design of vehicle suspension control arm Access the recording here
Advanced manufacturing tools and additive manufacturing in Fusion3D printing of drone chassis created with generative designAccess the recording here

Download a detailed agenda description for each webinar here.

Add Autodesk Fusion to your curriculum
Autodesk Fusion 3D CAD/CAM software combines industrial and mechanical design, simulation, collaboration, and machining in a single cloud-based tool. Global industry leaders and design professionals prefer Fusion, so adding it to your curriculum can help your students’ careers.

Enable your students to develop 3D modeling skills with software used across manufacturing. With Fusion, your students can design faster, share workflows, and explore multiple product ideas—all in one easy-to-use collaborative environment. Fusion is also cloud based, so students can access their designs on any desktop computer, mobile device, or web browser—from anywhere.

Access to Autodesk software is FREE for students and educators.