Which technology trends matter for companies?  What are the digital skill needs for organisations around the world? 

Insight reports from KnowledgePoint highlight opportunities and challenges particularly across the Manufacturing and the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sectors.  They consider skills and talent needs as digital technologies come to the fore. They recommend actions for governments, education, industry and the training sector as we adapt to a world driven by technology.

We take a sector-wide view, as well take deep dives into specific issues affecting the sectors.

Just released: BIM Virtual Roundtable

During a recent roundtable hosted by KnowledgePoint, experts discussed the immense potential and benefits that Building Information Modeling (BIM) offers to the AEC ecosystem, to communities and to countries across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).   

The expert panel explored various aspects of BIM adoption, including technology readiness, capacity building, collaboration mechanisms, and regulatory frameworks. 

Together they urge the adoption of BIM as a transformative tool for the AEC industry in the MENA and beyond. Watch the roundtable here and join the conversation in our social media channels.

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