Over the last few months UIT Infotech (CADD International) has been supporting companies across Dubai to enhance their digital skills.  The Autodesk Authorized Training Center, has delivered a number of upskilling sessions to a range of organisations, particularly those in the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) sector.

With building information management (BIM) increasingly a requirement for construction projects across the region, BIM skills have been a particular focus.

Shiju Antony from UIT Infotech comments on the recent initiatives:

We’ve developed productive relationships with a number of major companies across the AEC sector in particular. We’re proud of the way we’ve been able to help them to upskill their staff, supporting them as they respond to digital transformation requirements.

For example, we recently delivered training to Orient Crown and Arif & Bintoak. They’d previously been using traditional CAD workflows in their projects and recognised the need to upgrade skills to allow them to implement BIM.

Our experience with and understanding of the Autodesk portfolio is critical for these employers. Jotun gathered together engineers from a number of nations in Dubai for familiarisation training and updates on AutoCAD 2023. And for 2GIS, a mapping company, their objective was to integrate AutoCAD in their mapping solutions.

Shiju Antony, UIT Infotech Training Institute LLC

UIT Infotech has been in Dubai since 2013 as an Autodesk Learning Partner, providing training support to students, corporates and universities.  It is recognised for its particular expertise in supporting organisations with the transformation from CAD to BIM.

For further information about KnowledgePoint and its role as the Autodesk Learning Partner Distributor for the EMEAR territory, or to find out about training local to you, visit: https://knowledgepoint.com/autodesk/.

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