Training provider, Nziza Training Academy, has been working in partnership with Rwanda polytechnic colleges on developing digital skills for the manufacturing sector. 

The training programme has been developed to support growth in manufacturing in the Rwanda. It saw Nziza Training Academy work with four polytechnic colleges, IPRC Kigali, IPRC Huye, IPRC Ngoma and IPRC Karongi.  The training sessions were attended by 19 lecturers and 194 students. 

Explaining the rationale for the programme, Alexandre NZIRORERA, Chief Executive Officer of Nziza Training Academy said: “There’s a limited supply of young talent with the skills needed to support the growth of manufacturing in Rwanda.  As Rwanda wants to grow its manufacturing and technology sectors, it is among the reasons that traditional colleges find an interest in working with the industry stakeholders to match what is being taught in classes with practical skills needed by the businesses in the sector. Industry-specific courses like the ones we have delivered are a sure-fire way to address the issue of mismatch between the supply and demand sides of digital skills in the manufacturing sector.”   

“Although our technical colleges of today are providing quality education to graduates, it is crucial to master the relevant CAD, CAM, CAE, and BIM tools to work as fruitful employees. We believe that through this collaborative programme with polytechnic colleges, we’re playing a part in helping young people develop the skills employers need.  

“The lecturers who attended the training are benefiting from the technology and skills we taught in CNC programming and already starting to get results.  They’re more familiar with Autodesk’s Fusion 360 and its use in manufacturing.  In terms of increasing capacity, these lecturers will, in turn, be able to transfer knowledge to future students.” 

“We’re hoping to extend these collaborative efforts. Lecturers have found Fusion360 is able to do everything they have been struggling with manually or elementary software. We are in discussion with Rwanda Polytechnic’s top management to provide the lecturers with extensive training which will enable them to develop expert level skills. It is for lecturers to have a high-level mastery of the technology so that they can deliver to their students with competing skills.” 

Manufacturing is viewed as a key sector for economic development and Rwanda has a stated ambition to become an ICT hub.  The National Strategy for Transformation targeted the creation of 1.5 million productive jobs by 2024. The strategy highlights economic sectors including manufacturing and construction as key to achieving this objective. 

The National Digital Talent Policy published by the Former Ministry of Youth and ICT in 2016 highlighted a recurrent problem of a glaring mismatch between the supply and demand of ICT skills. It also talked about how “this mismatch is attributable to lack of strong linkages between, on one side, the outputs of HLIs and other training institutions and, on the other side, the specific ICT skills…which requires more specialized, hands-on workforce.” 

The policy calls for strengthening the framework for ICT training and qualification in Rwanda, placing emphasis on training and certification in hands-on, market-oriented, globally benchmarked ICT Skills and literacy courses. 

To see lecturers attending the training, click here. To watch the video of students click here.  

About Nziza Training Academy 

  • Nziza Training Academy provides short courses for practicing professionals to enhance their understanding and the applicability of knowledge acquired accompanied by world’s leading engineering and design technologies.  
  • We’re committed to ending the skilled labour import by training local professionals to the same standards with world’s latest CAD, CAM, CAE and BIM technologies 
  • We play a key role in training fresh technical college graduates on industry trending technology skills required in projects delivery. 
  • An authorized training centre for Autodesk, delivering industry-specific courses in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and manufacturing technology 
  • Our courses are taught by leaders in their fields, helping our students to keep on track with the cutting-edge progress in the world of technology. 

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