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Lagos State University is located in Ojo in Lagos State, Nigeria and was established in 1983. The university’s mission is to become a citadel of learning, a community with the trademark of excellence in teaching, research and service to humanity. In an effort to build partnerships with the design/digital industry, Lagos State University engaged with Autodesk Learning Partner Generative CAD Services, a specialist in delivering CAD-related services.

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Being a specialist in high-quality training Generative CAD Services designed a workshop program for Lagos State University that would lead to real-world application through the design of covid19 safety door handles, face shields, and an office pen holder.

A comprehensive training program was rolled out during the course of 5 days ranging from introductory design concepts in Autodesk Fusion 360 to generative design and make capabilities. The participants were not only taught to digitally create the models in Fusion 360 but they also got to see the real-world application by 3D printing three of the projects. To facilitate 3D- printing the university received an Ender 3 Pro 3D printer through the Lagos State Chamber of Commerce.

The training program was completed by providing free access to Fusion 360 licenses for the faculty computer labs at Lagos State University to enable continued learning and use of Fusion 360 in upcoming courses.

Felix Amaefule Chukwubuikem heads up Generative Design Services and facilitated the workshops.

“We designed this training program using project based learning principles to show faculty members at Lagos State University the real-world application of digital design. We look forward to continuing working with Lagos State University as they implement Autodesk Fusion 360 in upcoming activities.”

“The course has exposed me to new ways of design and is going to be useful in teaching our students. The course is also very important in product development.”

“The program is very useful in training students for their career and for further knowledge in the field of engineering”

Faculty members at Lagos State University

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