Last week KnowledgePoint organised the annual Autodesk Learning Partner (ALP) Summit 2023 in Istanbul, Türkiye.

During two days, we heard from inspirational speakers from industry and academia, explored ways to develop training and learning initiatives to support current and future customers, and celebrated the success that Autodesk Learning Partners have achieved in the past year.

We appreciate the support from Autodesk and the amazing guest speakers from University College London, Advanced Design Colleges, First Option, EduCAD and Istanbul Technical University who made this event truly meaningful.

It was particularly rewarding to welcome 60+ Autodesk Learning Partners representing a community of learning organisations who support Autodesk end users across 43 different countries in Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

Hear some of the participants share their impressions and insights on the topics reviewed at the Summit on our YouTube channel: Autodesk Learning Partner Insights.

Autodesk Learning Partner Excellence Awards

We were honoured to recognise standout achievements in five categories through the annual Autodesk Learning Partner Excellence Awards. Big congratulations to the winners:

  • Go Beyond ALP 2023: First Option in Egypt
  • AAP Star 2023: Nziza Training Academy in Rwanda
  • Fusion 360 to Education 2023: Modena in South Africa
  • Stronger Together 2023: Proddesign Training in Tunisia
  • ACI of the Year 2023: UKHOTech, Türkiye

Next steps

Many of us recognise the feeling after having attended an event of this magnitude: One is energized by all the new ideas and perspective, but it is easy to get distracted by a full inbox and meetings once back home again.

So how does one make sure to capture the excitement and keep the momentum going? There probably isn’t a one size fits all solution but we would recommend taking a couple of actions:

Book some time with yourself while the event is still fresh in your mind

Go through your notes, the speaker presentations, and shortlist areas to follow up on.

This way you help yourself to focus on the most relevant takeaways from the event.

Pick at least one business development activity that you will have learnt about at the event

Set a target for yourself to focus on it in the coming month.

This can include reviewing reports and industry trends that you may have heard about at the event, completing follow up activities with new contacts you may have met, or leveraging the new insight you’ve gained to do a strategic review of your own business.

This way you ensure that your investment in attending leads to longer term value for your organisation.

Thank you to all Autodesk Learning Partners and guest speakers for attending and sharing your insights at the Autodesk Learning Partner Summit 2023.

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