Team “Kringelid” revealed as the best 3D modeller at new Autodesk Fusion 360 competition held at the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

An Autodesk Fusion 360 modelling and product design competition has been held for the first time at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, where all technical enthusiasts familiar with this software could test their abilities. After a long day of competition, the team Kringelid was crowned as the most skilled user of the program.

The university has been using AutoCAD and other CAD tools since the early 90s and wanted to inspire students to broaden their skill set in mechanical engineering and production technology. The competition saw teams create 3D models with Autodesk Fusion 360 software within a given time, as well as prepare some of them for production and supporting technical drawings.

The winning Kringelid team was distinguished from its competitors primarily by its knowledge of modelling techniques and skill in using software. The solutions presented by them corresponded best to those presented in the initial conditions.

The given tasks turned out to be sufficiently complex, no one got bored, and they worked hard on the solutions until the end of the competition. In many cases, we were positively surprised by the solutions proposed by the participants.

The competition organiser, Tõnu Leemet, a senior lecturer at the chair of bioeconomic technologies at the Estonian University of Life Sciences

With Autodesk Fusion 360 software, industrial and mechanical design can be combined and work operations can be programmed for CNC machines without leaving the programming environment.

Development work in mechanical engineering and production technology has long been impossible without knowledge of such software.

Although subjects related to AutoCAD software were added to our curricula as early as 1991, CAD technology is constantly being updated and the field is becoming more and more digitized. These changes and trends are also reflected in today’s curricula in the field of engineering at the University of Life Sciences.

The contribution of the forestry industry, woodworking technology, production engineering and technotronics specialists who graduate from the University of Life Sciences to the development of the country’s economy is undoubtedly very important.  As well as increasing familiarity of technology, this new competition a great, and practical way, to increase the popularity these specialties together.

Marek Metslaid, director of the Institute of Forestry and Engineering of the Estonian University of Life Sciences

About the competition

The competition was organized by the Institute of Forestry and Engineering of the Estonian University of Life Sciences and the software company AruCAD Süsteemid OÜ. The event was also supported by Autodesk, KnowledgePoint and 3Dconnexion.

  • Autodesk Learning Partner AruCAD Süsteemid and the university teamed up with representatives from the Institute of Forestry, one of Estonia’s prime industry segments, to develop the competition briefs.
  • The competition involved eight teams of two to four members, comprising high school and university students as well as industry practitioners.
  • The competition focused on teamwork and working together to create models in Autodesk Fusion 360 within a set timeframe and then prepare the associated technical drawings with real-life production settings for their designs.
  • 3Dconnexion sponsored special awards. SpaceMouse Pro computer mice were given to Team “Level” as Best Designer and Team “Vertex” as Best Modeller.
  • The first place team was awarded 1,000 euros, the second place team “Irontec” 700 euros and the third place team “TÜS Seniorid” 400 euros.

When choosing the best, the jury evaluated above all the mastery of design and modelling. The jury included Vitali Valtanen from the Estonian Academy of Arts and Marten Madissoo and Tõnu Leemet from the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Learn more about the competition by reviewing the event website and video show reel.

About AruCAD Süsteemid

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AruCAD Süsteemid has been Autodesk Gold Partner since 2013 and an Authorized Learning Partner since 2011.  The company is part of the Infoera Group, which has offices in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.

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