About Us

We make learning happen  

With bases in the UK and US, and colleagues and capabilities around the world, we help our partners to achieve learning efficiencies, reduce liabilities, accelerate growth and increase competitive agility  

  • Taking a consultancy-led approach,we work together with our customers to identify problems, assess options and challenge what’s needed 
  • With secure infrastructure, experienced teams , and a flexible talent pool, we’re able to offer solutions which can be scaled according to your needs    
  • Our quality systems and processes are designed to ensure that all services are delivered in a compliant and consistent fashion   
  • Digital underpins our solutions: we have proven tools that enable automation and/or integration of our services for the learning market    


A business built around our values 

At KnowledgePoint we’ve developed a culture that ensures our business never strays from the values, goals, or high standards we strive to achieve for our customers each and every day. 

Our vision is to become the leading provider of support services to the global learning industry. By designing and delivering flexible and practical solutions which support the delivery of learning, we move closer to achieving this goal every day. 

By doing what we do best; providing support services to learning and training organisations around the globe, we’re helping learning to happen. But more than that, we’re passionate about finding ways to help our partners to achieve positive outcomes for their learners and employees.  We’re always on the lookout for ways we can add value; we see their challenges as opportunities for solutions or positive change. 

We’ve built KnowledgePoint around our values and we’re fortunate to have a team that lives and breathes them. Our people are our greatest asset; they own problems and they deliver on their promises.  For anyone that works with us, you’ll find us to be professional, honest and willing to challenge (with a smile).  We like to celebrate our successes – and that means with you too.  

KnowledgePoint’s Journey

⬇️ 1997 KnowledgePoint founded by Paul Gibbons and André Philpot 

⬇️ 2000 Relocated to new, purpose-built premises 

⬇️ 2001 First certified for ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems  

⬇️ 2004 KP became an Investors in People 

⬇️ 2008 First certified for ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems  

⬇️ 2010 First certified for ISO 27001 Information Security Management  

⬇️ 2010 KP was awarded a medal in the BCS & Computing UK IT training industry awards and was also a digital printer awards category winner 

⬇️ 2012 First digital services tools launched  

⬇️ 2017 Celebrated 20 years of KnowledgePoint! 

⬇️ 2020 Ray Brown and John Heffron appointed to the KnowledgePoint board of directors 

⬇️ 2021 Production moved from Eskdale Road to Portman Road 

⬇️ 2021 Launched KnowledgePoint US 

To be continued…


“The team at KnowledgePoint were great, they held our hands throughout the process and delivered what we needed with speed, expertise and professionalism. It was such a smooth transition; in fact, you could not have asked for a better experience. The processes that KnowledgePoint has in place really do make all the difference. A robust company with high standards in quality control is what we needed, and we are so pleased that KnowledgePoint were recommended to us,” Learning provider 

Quality standards 

At KnowledgePoint, quality is a way of life. 

  • Within print services, we routinely achieve quality levels of 99.9%, on time despatch of 99.9%, on time delivery of 99.9% and a customer impact rate of 0%
  • We are ISO 9001 certified 
  • We are ISO 27001 certified 
  • We are ISO 14001 certified 
  • We are an Investor in People  

We will make it happen for you 


We aim to reduce environmental impact so that tomorrow’s generations inherit a cleaner healthier world.  We do this by: 

  • Recycling, reducing waste and re-using resources 
  • Segregation of non-hazardous waste from hazardous waste with appropriate disposal 
  • Reducing electrical consumption 
  • Maintaining building facilities through preventative service maintenance to ensure all equipment is running at optimum 
  • Holding our supply chain to the same environmental standards 
  • Donating old supplies and equipment  
  • Encouraging employees to reduce waste to and to reduce the carbon footprint of their commute 

Data security 

We have been ISO 27001 certified since 2010. 

Today we use NetApp storage on-site and have full backup and redundancy running off-site.  Many of our business-critical services run in the cloud to ensure the best layers of continuity. 

We use physical and data-based segregation to ensure the maximum level of protection in organising the information we store. 

Our printers are connected directly to the data source to eliminate room for human error in the transfer of files. It also eliminates any access to the fully unencrypted data outside the individual responsible for setting up the file.  

We are fully compliant with all current data protection regulations.