Learner care 

Our team provides a comprehensive range of services for streamlined training administration and learner support. For live events, we offer end-to-end logistics service that covers the venue, classroom setup and teardown, catering, materials production and distribution, tools and equipment inventory management, attendance reports and roster management. 

We provide 24/7 multilingual learner care to support your learners’ queries, including questions regarding enrollment, certifications, payment processing, etc.  

Learner communications  

Our learning administrators manage communications regarding event registrations. 

Services include: 

Tailoring of automated notices, e.g., maps to locations, travel information 

Creating and distributing instructor and participant welcome, reminder notices 

Distributing and managing pre- and post-work, including any preparatory work or prerequisites 

Managing attendees (booking, waiting list, etc.) 

Evaluation management 

We provide Level 1 and 2 evaluation services in the Learning Administration process. Evaluations can be collected via paper, email or electronically. 

Services include: 

  • Creating course/class-specific evaluations 
  • Distributing evaluations to instructors or learners 
  • Consolidating evaluation results 

Learner history management 

We record participant completion and attendance information, which can include certification, pre-test and post-test scores, incompletes and no-shows. As part of the class closeout process, we may provide class completion certificates or other forms of recognition as an additional service, delivered at the close of a session or to the participant after course completion. 

Services include: 

Reconciling attendance 

Creating, delivering completion certificates 

Maintaining rosters 

On-site learning facility support 

We know you cannot always know what your needs and volumes may be. We offer a scalable model that accommodates that variation, in addition to transparency and budget certainty. On-site learning administrator responsibilities include: 

  • Meet and greets 
  • Assisting with classroom, event setup 
  • Identifying classroom configuration requirements 
  • Coordinating facilities with local facility teams 
  • Resolving issues that may arise during class delivery 
  • Maintaining classrooms, classroom assets, logistics 
  • Troubleshooting course material 

Facilities scheduling and administration

Our team works with local facilities’ teams to confirm the appropriate room and delivery setup. We work with off-site facilities, such as hotels and conference centres, to support classroom delivery. 

Services include: 

Scheduling facilities 

Room management 

Scheduling audio-visual materials, networking 

Catering orders

Confirming materials receipt 

Materials management 

Accurate compilation and availability of training materials prior to the start of any course are critical to ensure a high-quality learning experience. Our learning administrators ensure electronic and/or physical copies of materials are dispersed, including managing freight and shipping relationships 

Virtual session production 

Our team provides pre-session planning, communications and rehearsal; day of session online production support including learner technology troubleshooting; post-session attendance and certification management 

Instructor admin 

Our Instructor Admin team has access to full-time and contract instructors certified to teach all course content: 

  • Core of qualified instructors 
  • Consistent performance management 
  • High instructor utilisation (typically 50–60%) 
  • Technology-based scheduling, management 
  • Consistency, savings with vendor base 
  • Economies of scale, market knowledge