Training Networks

Global training network management  

Do your plans for growth in networks depend on users being trained (and potentially certified) to ensure and demonstrate competence in your products? 

Can you deliver this sort of program in-house or do you need to develop a network of Commercial or Academic partners to do this for you? 

Is training and development a core capability?  Or would your resources be better focused on developing and commercialising your products and services?  

That’s where we come in.  

At KnowledgePoint, we have proven capability and experience in building, supporting and managing global training networks on behalf of software providers and other extended enterprises.  


We’ll take care of the training network while you do your thing! 

Our clients have clearly identified the difference between what is core (i.e. they must do) and what is critical (i.e. must-have, but don’t need to do themselves). Our strength lies in delivering the services we are experts in, allowing our clients to focus on their core activities. 

The services we provide enable our clients to focus on what they do best whilst we take care of the recruitment, onboarding, support and management of their global training networks, the sector we’ve worked in for more than 20 years. 

Our support is both scalable and flexible to your needs. From marketing, recruitment and onboarding to courseware development, instructor programmes and accreditation, even into revenue collection and management – we’ve got the right resources, infrastructure and capabilities to help you grow, manage and optimise your network of partners. 

To see our current vendor programs and the support we provide for them, click here.

Need a global solution? We can help 

We’ve built an experienced team to deliver on behalf of our clients, so your network will be in safe hands. We operate on a global basis, running some of the largest and fastest-growing training networks in the world for our clients.  

It’s about the right partners; supported to grow, but managed effectively 

The management of a successful training partner network blends marketing (attraction), sales (engagement and onboarding), support (development) and quality (ensuring standards). We work closely with our partner networks to maximise their effectiveness, ensuring that they deliver the value they need back to our clients.