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Simple, easy and effective, MyLiveBook helps your learners gain and retain the knowledge they need to succeed


MyLiveBook unlocks the value of your paper-based learning material, giving instant, on-demand access to it from PCs, laptops and tablets, in the training room or on the move.  The result?  Fast, efficient learning for a qualified, more capable workforce.


Simple on-demand access to all your training material

MyLiveBook presents your learning material in a digitised format for anytime, anywhere access from laptops, tablets and other devices.  There are no complicated tools for your learners to master – and adding notes, bookmarks and highlights is entirely intuitive.  In the office or out and about, MyLiveBook makes learning simple and convenient, enhancing the return on your investment in learning.


Easy publishing and management of course material

Managing your learning content is effortless with MyLiveBook.  Our straightforward self-publishing tool puts you in full control, and it’s easy to organise your content into logical groups for quick, intuitive access.  The next time your students open their MyLiveBook it will all be there, fully up-to-date and easy to navigate.


Effective studying and revision

Online or offline, MyLiveBook delivers a superior learning experience.  Your learners get everything they need and the content is synchronised across all devices.  As a standalone tool it’s perfect for revision.  Integrated with your learning tech stack it enhances knowledge acquisition and retention, bringing learning to life as never before.


Protect your IP

You never have to worry about your IP with MyLiveBook because your content is protected by powerful security features.  Learners can access all the information they want, whenever they need it, but are unable to copy, print or share the content with competitors and other third parties.


Improve revision with our Paper Plus experience

MyLiveBook isn’t just for reading.  Learners can upload images, insert and organise their own notes and annotations, set bookmarks and add highlights.  What’s more, the entirety of your learning material – including user content – is fully searchable for rapid access and easier


Seamless integration with your learning tech stack

You can integrate MyLiveBook with the rest of your learning tech stack.  So when a learner opens your learning management system, content from MyLiveBook will be available directly from within that application.  It enhances your investment in learning through seamless access to content that would otherwise be locked away in cumbersome manuals.

How MyLiveBook helps you achieve your training objectives

MyLiveBook enhances your learning programme and improves your return on investment by helping your learners progress quickly and efficiently.

✅ Easy – everything your learners need, all in one place

✅ Convenient – content is synced across all devices, great for learning on the move

✅ Protected – the content that you publish cannot be copied or distributed

✅ Powerful – MyLiveBook integrates seamlessly with your existing learning systems

✅ Versatile – learners can add and organise their own revision notes, highlights, images and bookmarks

✅ Efficient – quick and easy publishing of your content

  • Our students have been thrilled to see their content brought to life with the fantastic new e-learning tool, MyLiveBook

    Pip Harland, Law Answered

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