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Technology has generated many new jobs and created more flexible ways for people to work and learn. The world is already on a digital journey; the use and application of technology is set to grow in the future.  

Future economic prosperity is contingent on investment in digital skills such as: real-time 3D design, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, generative design, AI, data security and robotics.   

Advanced technologies require people who understand how they work and can innovate, develop, and adapt them—and service them in the workplace.  

Occupations requiring technological skills include data scientists, IT professionals and programmers, technology designers, engineers, advanced technology maintenance workers, and scientific researchers.  These skills are essential in industries as diverse as architecture, manufacturing, health care, media, and entertainment. 

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The global coronavirus pandemic has brought digital technologies into sharp focus.  Therefore assumptions made just a year ago about working practices have been challenged. We’ve had to evolve – as have our skills. 

Is the future already here? Are we ready for what comes next?  Will the assumptions made about the skills we’ll need in the future still be valid? Are we developing the skills we need to continue our digital journey?  Or will we see a further widening of the digital skills gap  

As a business involved in the global delivery of learning, we believe it is important to understand the answers to these questions and more.  This is why we’ve commissioned global independent research which considers the skills of the future. 

We’ll also be sharing a range of content on the implications for industry.  We’ll offer some practical solutions for the learning market, individuals and businesses.  Check back here for updates or on LinkedIn where we’ll share infographicsthought pieces and video content.  

Stay ahead of the curve and find out how the future of industry is changing now. 

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