Other Tools

Automation tools 

Increase the speed, accuracy and reliability of your end-to-end process, and remove unnecessary costs. 

We’ve a range of proprietary tools to integrate with your learning administration systems to automate processes.  These tools can either pull data from your systems or receive data by push, allowing us to be flexible and agile in adapting to the capabilities and limitations of your existing systems:   

  • We use algorithms to intelligently interpret the data presented and to make decisions on the build of materials required for the context of the learning being delivered 
  • Our global address database and courier systems integration allow us to schedule work to meet changing deadlines and to handle last minute changes
  • We can provide automated emails to delegates, we can push fulfilment data back into your systems, and we can use the data to personalise content (for example generating course attendance certificates)   
  • Our course-led approach allows us to meet the needs of the classroom and not just the learner, ensuring the right resources such as stationery, flipcharts, group work are delivered – all calculated from the number of delegates in attendance 


Order Tool 

Place new and repeat orders quickly, easily and reliably with our Order Tool 

Our proprietary Order Tool allows customers to quickly and easily place routine or ad-hoc orders.  Content is categorised using a matrix approach for easy referencing (as opposed to a tree approach where there is only a single path to the item you are seeking).  Our search algorithm returns results in a most relevant order based on the strength of the match to the search criteria. 

  • International Post Code Lookup and our database of shipping recommendations helps to ensure accurate addresses are provided and export taxation requirements are met. 
  • “On the fly” materials can be easily be uploaded and added to orders 
  • The Order Tool also acts as a mechanism for reviewing order status on existing orders, including those managed by automation and integration 
  • Direct integration with our preferred couriers gives real time status of deliveries 
  • Order Tool can also be used to sell products to your channel partners.  Comprehensive descriptions and product images present the products to the partner. 


eCommerce app 

Proven and effective, our eCommerce app makes order fulfilment seamless and reliable 

Many of our customers offer standalone content (for example; additional books or study/revision guides) in addition to the learning material provided at point of delivery.  

In order to support this process more effectively we’ve developed a proprietary tool that enables you to automatically link your eCommerce facilities into our ordering process, making the order fulfilment process seamless and reliable.  


Get in touch today to find out how our range of tools and capabilities can be deployed quickly, simply and reliably.  Helping you, make your learning happen.