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We provide support services for the learning industry

We’ve been in business for more than 20 years – and all this time we’ve worked in partnership with learning, training and educational organisations. Our expertise is in supporting the learning industry – by this we mean organisations either directly involved in the provision of learning and educational services, or larger organisations with embedded learning cultures.

Learning & training providers

We’re experts in providing support services for the learning industry. We’ve first-hand experience of supporting the development and learning goals for millions of people, working in and alongside learning and training providers.

Working at scale, each and every day you’ll be booking, scheduling, managing and delivering training for hundreds, if not thousands of people, often in multiple geographies – and perhaps in multiple languages too. Often with cost and time pressures.

We can help you. We understand the importance of having the right learning content, in the right place, in the right language, at the right time – so you can provide the best learning experience to your learners. Our range of complementary services and solutions help you to automate the delivery of learning where and when it is needed.

From print capabilities specifically for the learning sector, to digital solutions which can integrate with learning platforms and support for managed learning services, we can help you achieve more.


From apprenticeships to continuous professional development, we love it when organisations invest in their people. We understand how training and development needs within businesses can be complex and varied, requiring careful planning and co-ordination to ensure staff get the support they need, when they need it.

Key to enabling this learning experience is ensuring the right learning content is available in the right format, at the right time. We already make this happen for a number of large organisations which all share one key characteristic – a commitment to enabling a learning culture for their employees. By deploying our services, we’ve helped them to automate the delivery of learning where and when it is needed – whether that be solely printed learning materials, digitised learning content or a combination of the two. And, we work with them on a regional, national or international basis.

You may already have a managed learning service – our print and digital services can neatly dovetail with your existing infrastructure. It may be that you have a new print need, or need to combine print with digital learning. Or you have invested in learning technologies and need to be able to deliver digitised learning materials to your staff.

Our services and solutions can be tailored to your needs, complementing any existing capabilities and infrastructure you may have in place.

We’ve the capabilities, expertise and understanding of the learning sector, to allow learning to happen in large organisations.

Let us know how we can help. Our range of flexible and scalable learning services and solutions are designed to allow you to focus on delivering training and development which make a difference to your staff.

Institutions/Membership bodies

Do you provide accredited training, continuous professional development and qualifications to help your members progress their careers? Your members look to you to deliver added value for their fees each year – never more so than now.

With our print and digital services for the learning sector, we can help you build stronger relationships with your members. We’ve done this before in partnership with membership bodies – from simply printing learning materials, through to using digitised content to enable and support the development of a community. We can help to enhance the learner experience and support your membership goals.

Let us support you. We’re confident our learning support services will help you deliver value to your members.

Unity Authorized Training

Software Vendors

We provide a range of support services to some of the world’s leading Software Vendors.  Brilliant at developing and marketing their software, they recognise that they can be more successful if their user networks are trained and supported. But they don’t necessarily want to maintain expertise in the learning market.  They look to us for support, guidance and advice with developing and managing their training networks – globally or regionally.

Sound familiar?  Our critical support services will take the strain, allowing you to focus on what you’re best at – creating and distributing new technologies and solutions.  We’ve the right resources, infrastructure and capabilities to help you get the most out of your training partner networks – on a global or regional basis.

We work with you to determine your needs, including geographies, infrastructure and service requirements.  Offering support from marketing, recruitment and onboarding to courseware development and instructor programmes and accreditation, we’re here to make your lives easier.

Learning technology providers

Our business model is built on expertise and partnership – we’re partners with our customers and form partnerships with suppliers of complementary products and services. We stick to what we know and what we’re good at, allowing our customers and partners to do the same.

Our partnership approach extends to working alongside learning technology providers, together ensuring learning organisations have the capabilities they need to manage, deliver and track training.

Our proprietary platform, MyLiveBook, complements a wide range of learning platforms and technologies, playing its role in delivering digitised learning content. With simple integration and access via single sign on, MyLiveBook can operate seamlessly within a broader learning tech stack.

Our AI-enabled print solution dovetails with broader learning and development systems, offering a vital business management tool for the delivery of print or digital learning materials.

We can work with you to offer additional capabilities to existing customers or can collaborate to secure new partnerships. The key for us is to make it as seamless as possible for customers and their learners.

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