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Specialist advisory services to optimise learning businesses  

Providing learning at scale can be difficult. The delivery of engaging, effective and successful learning events for multiple stakeholders, with differing learning needs and styles must be balanced against cost-effectiveness and ultimately budgetary constraints. Learner experience, measured outcomes and the impact of compliance vs supportive vs developmental programmes must also be factored in. 

We focus on the logistics of learning, not the pedagogy. Our team has genuinely broad and deep experience of scoping, constructing and operating managed learning services, learning administration services and learning delivery services. We know onshore and offshore, we’ve built and run centres in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Far East and Eastern Europe and we know how to blend and manage hi-cost and lo-cost country teams.  

Our Advisory team works with learning organisations to optimise their business by providing market, customer and operational insights.

We help you to define and implement your strategic plans by providing review, insights and challenge to your organisational designs, marketing strategies and operational effectiveness plans across your organisation.  

We don’t just accept information at face value, we like to dig deep so we can build a thorough understanding of what’s required.  This isn’t an arms-length process, we do this in partnership with our clients.  We believe this is important, particularly when there’s increased scrutiny of headcount and the role played by technology.  

We’re flexible in our advisory approach, working in a number of ways: 

  • Partnering to win opportunities or ramp up after success 
  • End-to-end learning support solutions or stand-alone services  
  • Consultancy and problem solving

Organisational design

We utilise data-rich sources such as competitive analysis and economic forecasting, market-sizing and customer perspectives to assess and shape actionable and successful growth strategies and then help you reimagine your future success and transform your business to meet the needs of your markets.

Marketing strategy & support

We offer tiered levels of marketing support from strategic consultancy & advice to the development, management & optimisation of tailored promotional campaigns.   

We’ve extensive experience in providing strategic and practical support to organisations in the learning and training sector. From customer understanding, strategic planning to implementation. Everything we do will support your goals and objectives, and reflect your values and culture.  

We work with you to ensure your brand stands out of the crowd and bring your learning and training to life with high-impact concepts and marketing strategies. We help you to engage customers everywhere. We help you create dynamic, data-based content, activate a consistent brand narrative and deliver high-quality experiences throughout the customer journey.  

Whether you need to consider your product offer and proposition, increase customer engagement, recruitment or retention, or stakeholder communications, we‘ve the experience and capabilities to help.  

Operational effectiveness

Disruptive technologies and empowered consumers are accelerating market change for all market participants and the recent period of Covid-19 has exposed operational and supply chain weaknesses for many businesses including those in the training industry.  One thing that has become clear over the past 18 months is that those businesses with agile, adaptable operating models are most able to prosper.  We work with our customers to advise and implement an operating model that best balances process, people, automation and technology to create a state of perpetual motion, so they can withstand unexpected disruption and rapidly exploit new opportunities.