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Print services for the learning industry

With tiered levels of service, integration and process automation, our print solutions deliver efficiencies to your learning business 

  • Print services and solutions to meet a variety of learning industry needs
  • Tiered levels of integration and process automation deliver efficiencies into the ordering, production and shipping of learning support materials 
  • Global capabilities and distribution; with an integrated tracking system, preferential rates, late pickups and our in-house specialist despatch team, we go the extra mile to get your critical learning materials to their destination safely, and on time.

Print partner for the learning sector 

We’re experts in providing on-demand print solutions for learning, training and educational organisations – we understand the challenges and also the imperatives. For more than 20 years we’ve worked alongside some of the major providers in the learning industry to develop and deliver on demand print solutions and we’re well-versed at integrating with managed learning service centres as their preferred print partner. 

Instructor-led learning, whether virtual or classroom-based, remains an effective way to deliver many forms of training, particularly safety or compliance-led activities. The challenge comes in maintaining those high-quality levels for learners, whilst clients demand lower costs and last-minute availability. 

The coronavirus pandemic saw a significant number of learning businesses shifting to a remote model, but in many cases the learning support material continues to be delivered in physical form, often to home addresses (in countries around the world). 

If like other learning organisations you’re now adopting a blended approach, with learners on the same course both at home and in classroom, the learning support material provided needs to support this.  We’re here to help 

Flexibility and choice is key: 

  • You need course materials at consistently high-quality levels, available to order online,  produced on-demand and delivered on time 
  • You may need to provide both physical (printed) and digital materials to learners
  • You spend too much of your time setting up and arranging the printing of your manuals, presentations and other material
  • You need to reduce your total cost of ownership and maximise the impact of everything you print.  


If your processes aren’t already automated, talk to us about how you could save time, resource and cost, as well as increase consistency and quality. 

Tiered levels of automation and integration 

Our proprietary digital-based technology and processes support the fulfilment of our print services, seamlessly integrating our online suite of ordering, tracking and management tools. 

  • Ordering is via a fully integrated online portal that holds your full catalogue of learning materials. Ready to be ordered at the touch of a button, created and delivered anywhere in the world 
  • Document management: Our secure portal allows you to view your setup files and process orders. It removes the entire administrative burden from the process and allows you to focus on your core responsibilities. Online ordering of pre-setup files means there’s no overhead for you in setting up files. It also affords a much greater level of flexibility as you’re not confined to a set of pre-determined specifications 
  • Learning admin system integration: Our shift into the AI space enables our print solution technology to integrate with your CRM and learning administration platforms. You can now plan, schedule and book your training, confident in the knowledge that supporting material can be automatically scheduled, printed and delivered, thereby reducing human intervention. The resultant reduction in error and headcount are the very essence of a successful Managed Learning Service. 

Global reach 

We support some of the leading global learning providers, delivering to 146 countries and ensuring that your critical learning materials are printed and then delivered to the right place at the right time, wherever that may be.  

Our customer services team are on hand and proactively monitor every order through our integrated tracking system. We’re able to offer a service level agreement that dramatically exceeds that of the shipping company transporting your orders. We manage the whole process. 

With print and production capabilities in both the UK and the US, we operate 24-7. This means we can print what you need when you need it; helping you to reduce unnecessary waste and realise both resource and cost efficiencies. 

The global scale of KnowledgePoint affords us the opportunity to remain financially competitive while offering a higher level of service then you would receive from even a specialist print supplier 

Printed learning materials 

We can print almost anything you can imagine in any volume, such as: manuals, brochures, presentations, booklets, posters, reports and RFPs.  We offer large format printing, branded merchandise and kitting, to support your learning delivery.  

We provide a completely bespoke setup of your files and can accommodate any size or configuration of materials including but not limited to: spiral binding, binders with tabs, bleed tabs, perfect binding, saddle stitch, comb binding and in any paper size. 

The simple aim is to supply your learning materials on-demand, on time and on specification, every time. 

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