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Digital solutions for the learning industry

Technology plays a key part in everyday modern life, and the learning sector is no different.  

From enterprise solutions to niche tools, the digital learning ecosystem has evolved into what is now referred to as a learning technology stack – technology that fits together. More and more organisations are choosing to bring together and integrate multiple learning platforms, bolt-ons and tools to manage, organise, deliver and track training and performance support across employees and learners. 

Digital has a key role to play across all aspects of learning delivery. Today’s learners expect technology to play a part in their learning experience, whether that be synchronous learning or access to revision materials.  And, digital brings efficiencies to the very systems and processes involved in making that learning happen,  


Digital underpins our thinking 

Providing on-demand services into the learning sector demands agility, reliability and repeatability. Whether it’s the integration of customer’s systems with our own, the automation of standardised processes to achieve consistency and process efficiency or a tool to make a process easier and quicker, digital underpins pretty much everything we do. 

In addition to the advisory services we provide to customers to scope this sort of activity and the benefits that can be derived, we’ve also developed a number of tools that can be configured and deployed; quickly, simply and reliably. 


Simple, easy and effective, MyLiveBook collates, organises and delivers your readable learning material, helping your learners to study and revise more effectively.  Learners gain and retaining the knowledge they need to succeed. 

Secure, device agnostic and capable of integration with learner management systems, MyLiveBook also provides feedback on learner usage. Clear value to both learners and providers.  

Other Tools

Automation Tools

The process of ensuring that learning support materials (whether physical or digital) are in the right place at the right, with the right learner, is critical to any learning or training provider. Our on-demand services are designed to make this happen. There are genuine opportunities for time, cost and resource savings to be gained in this process.  

Our proprietary automation tools integrate with the input feed from your sales and learner platforms, removing the requirement for human intervention. This way we can increase the speed, accuracy and reliability of your end-to-end process, and remove unnecessary costs from the equation. 

Order tools 

If you’re still on the journey towards automation, we offer a suite of Order Tools that allow you to place new and repeat orders quickly, easily and reliably, review historical orders, review the status of orders and deliveries in progress and check stock levels.  

eCommerce app 

Proven and effective, our eCommerce app makes the process of moving from order placement to order fulfillment seamless and reliable. Whether it’s an Amazon store or an off-the-shelf eCommerce platform such as Squarespace, we can take the workload and error count out of the process  


Get in touch today to find out how our range of tools and capabilities can be deployed quickly, simply and reliably.  Helping you, make your learning happen.

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