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Local market presence

We employ field based market development managers in countries all around the world to represent your interests face to face. These specialists are in place to accelerate channel development or new market entry by working with key influencers and aggregation points in the country.

They are expert at opening the doors with trade associations, membership bodies and influencers that add layers of trust and reach to your programmes.

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Trusted industry specific advocacy

Each of our market development managers has a sector specialism like education, technology, design or building. They maintain a large, trusted network of contacts that we can bring to bear far faster than a standing start.

We also bring that intimate knowledge of the sector to your business, advising on the best and easiest routes to market.

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Channel development

Do you need to grow faster and maximise the return on investment for your products and services?

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Market development manager

A native language speaker, based in country, expert and connected in your sector, and available on demand

Employing personnel in your target market provides you a very distinct advantage in your channel and the ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Accessing those personnel through KnowledgePoint allows you to grow at pace and scale with lower risk.

  • You’ll have a tried and tested presence in the market overnight
  • You’ll have market intelligence coming from the source
  • You’ll spin up a go to market approach for Germany and have it underway in days

Influencer marketing

Thought leaders, trade associations, training bodies, policy makers and influencers, all advocating to their audience on your behalf

By placing focus on key individuals and trusted organisations within the market you can accelerate adoption and break down the barriers to entry. After all, these aggregation points are where your end users look for leadership and advice.

Industry leaders, trade associations and beacon customers have a reach of their own that we’re able to market through too and achieve greater reach with far less effort than many traditional approaches.

KnowledgePoint maintains relationships in multiple sectors within each market so that you don’t need to go through the time and effort of building them from scratch. This means that when you’re bringing a new product or service to market we can get it in front of the right influencers and create advocates for the programme.

This accelerates market entry dramatically and is often your strongest source of market insight.


Your voice and your message in the local language and tone, and delivered in the way that suits your customer best

KnowledgePoint routinely runs localisation strategies for everything from spoken language to marketing materials. It means that for all intents and purposes your presence in the market will be from within the market.

  • You’ll no longer be confined to markets that operate dominantly in English language
  • You’ll stand out from your competition as being easier to work with, and having a better local presence
  • You’ll build stronger relationships with your customers and your channel, relationships that then pass seamlessly back into your organisation