Andre Philpot

Founder, Executive Officer

Andre is a builder and risk tamer. His early work at KnowledgePoint established our just in time production processes, has seen the implementation of ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001, and more recently he has overseen our partnerships and acquisitions. Andre recalls the decision to start KnowledgePoint was a very hard one. With a young family, there was a lot of risk in starting a new venture and potentially upsetting their stability. In the end, knowing and believing in his partnership with Paul made this far less of a risk, and the result is a much better work life balance.

Andre believes in not looking back and, in a professional capacity, he is most proud of building KnowledgePoint. A firm believer that good is never good enough, Andre still takes a personal interest in seeking out new approaches, technical solutions, and challenging the leadership team to do better.

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