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Blog: 3 x Your Brain Power

Learning is a complex thing.

Some things are harder to master and take longer to retain than others. For example, number crunching. I’m not very good at retaining numerical information. This is just one area that I feel improved cognitive function would be beneficial. You don’t have to invest thousands of pounds in order to train your brain’s capacity…just invest a little time.

“Brain power improves through brain use, just as our bodily strength grows with exercise”

After reading several studies about how to ‘get the most from your brain’, there are three key basic steps that you can build on a daily to stimulate your thinking power!


Meditate. Meditation has been proven to reduce your stress levels and stop processing information as actively as it normally would. Imagine focused attention is like a muscle, the more you strengthen it by practising meditation, the more you’re able to reap the benefits like; better memory and creativity
Exercise. As we’re all aware, we should be getting regular exercise. However, lots of people don’t have time to fit in exercise into their busy schedule. It can really can make a difference if you exercise in the morning before work, as it not only spikes your brain activity in preparation for the stresses for the day but it also improves your concentration
Eat well. No surprises. Nutrition is a significant part in your brains health. Eating a healthy balanced diet that consists of complex carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals can all help to boost concentration and mental performance
Try to incorporate these top tips into your employees brains and in return they will not only be mentally and physically healthier – they will provide a higher level of productivity within your organisation.

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