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Blog: Training to become an L&D warrior

A warrior is a brave or experienced soldier.

Every day a warrior is surrounded by enemies and opportunities just as we are, but only an L&D warrior can distinguish between them.

Begin your training by following these three rules:

  • Rule #1: Everything a warrior does is deliberate, a consequence of their experience. Be the knowledge you’ve learned, use it regularly and go through the motions even when you’re not in battle
  • Rule #2: Challenge yourself, not your opponent. When you realise that YOU are your biggest opponent, you will challenge yourself
  • Rule #3: Be the difference between an ordinary person and a warrior. Infallibility begins with a single act of learning. One thing will lead to another, only then will a warrior realise their full potential
  • Rule #4: Use your knowledge and share with others to make them just as, and if not, more powerful

A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does”

― Dan Millman

When a warrior has nothing to lose, they become courageous.

You too have nothing to lose so give it a try and take the first steps towards becoming a #L&DWarrior

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