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Blog: Learning styles explained

I’ve heard many times, that blended learning is the most beneficial learning style of all time. But is blended learning really best for all students?

To answer that question, we must first address another question: what is blended learning?

Blended learning is one of the most popular ways to learn in the modern day. It allows the student to take control at their own pace whilst developing their own research and ideas, not only inside the classroom but online too.

Blended learning uses more than one methodology to enhance the effectiveness of training. With this, new technology has allowed students and learning professionals to increase opportunities and ‘flip the classroom’. This means that learners get the benefits of the traditional classroom, along with the flexibility of eLearning.

Another popular learning method is eLearning, which is the next best technological advancement. This solution is solely an online service, hence the ‘e’. You, as an individual are responsible for your learning and have access to specific material, usually with no other instruction. You are the trainer and the learner in one go.

This can be difficult for some people to adjust from the ‘traditional’ classroom-based learning, and some may feel a lack of control. With this platform, you are able to learn on the go, which is very convenient and an easy way to dip in and out of learning in a busy lifestyle.

The third most popular method is classic classroom learning. Although technology-based training is becoming increasingly popular, training experts agree that it will never completely replace classroom learning.

Classroom learning is exactly what it says on the tin – learning in a classroom. This is more of a formal learning strategy. 60% of the learning is done inside the classroom and the remaining 40% of learning is from home study (assignments, coursework) and additional research material. Usually, classroom learning includes; presentations, quizzes, class discussions and often one on one tuition.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. To get the best out of your learning, you need to ensure you are following the correct method.

Making the right decision is important for both the learner and the trainer to ensure both are getting the most out of the learning opportunity.

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