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Hofag Engineering named Unity Technologies’ first Authorized Training Partner in Romania

Hofag Engineering is a computer-aided design & computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) company, specialised in providing complete design services for the engineering development and design community and they have just become Unity Technologies’ first Authorized Training Partner in Romania. Hofag Engineering also works closely with KnowledgePoint, who was named a Unity Learning Services Distributor earlier this year.


As a Unity Authorized Training Partner, Hofag will lead Unity’s Authorized Training Workshops, which are Unity-developed, instructor-led classes that combine the best in quality, expertise, and convenience for learners to increase their Unity knowledge. Accessible via MyLiveBook, these workshops are taught by world-class Unity Certified Instructors, who have demonstrated excellence in both Unity skills and teaching proficiency.

Hofag Engineering has been an Autodesk Learning Partner for many years and their mission is to ensure clients receive a high-quality service, positioning them at the forefront of competition in their industry. “That primary driver is why Hofag Engineering will make a fantastic addition to the Unity Authorized Training Partner program, they will enable their clients to meet the demand for such skills within the marketplace” stated Tomas Karlsson, Unity Program Manager at KnowledgePoint. The ability to offer Unity Authorized Training workshops aligns with Hofag Engineering’s mission to provide the best.


Learners in Hofag Engineering’s workshops will primarily be from secondary schools and universities. Hofag Engineering will work alongside these institutions to provide top class Unity training to an engaged and eager audience.


“We firmly believe that being a Unity Authorized Training Partner enables us to attract our young, motivated, vibrant students who see how Unity is shaping the future with XR.” says Gheorghe Cazan, Executive Manager at Hofag Engineering.


“Unity skills are in high demand globally,” said Anuja Dharkar, Head of Learning, Global Education, Unity Technologies. “With Hofag Engineering now as Unity’s Authorized Training Partner in Romania, we can offer learners the chance to expand their economic opportunities within the Romanian job market, preparing them for the technology-driven workforce of the future.”  


With the launch of Unity Reflect, Authorized Training Partners will now be able to teach creators how to enable seamless integration and dataflow from Autodesk Revit.


About Hofag Engineering

Hofag Engineering’s mission is to engage in as many national and international activities as possible, to create long-lasting relationships with clients from different industries and help them keep their customers satisfied because they know that customers are the heart of any successful business. Learn more here 


About KnowledgePoint | Connect

KnowledgePoint Connect have over 10 years of experience in sustainable management and growth of vendor-led training partner programs, providing Partner Support and Business Development Services. Learn more here

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