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Envivo Communications named the Unity Technologies Authorized Training Partner in Nigeria

Envivo Communications Limited is a Network and Cloud Infrastructure Service Provider. The Company’s education arm, Envivo Education, delivers training programs online, leading to various degrees and certifications. The company today announced it has now become the Unity Technologies Authorized Training Partner in Nigeria. Envivo also works closely with KnowledgePoint, who is the Unity Learning Services Distributor for EMEA. 

As a Unity Authorized Training Partner, Envivo will lead Unity’s Authorized Training Workshops, which are Unity-developed, instructor-led classes that combine the best in quality, expertise, and convenience for learners to increase their Unity knowledge. Accessible via MyLiveBook, these workshops are taught by world-class Unity Certified Instructors, who have demonstrated excellence in both Unity skills and teaching proficiency.   

KnowledgePoint is a Unity Learning Services Distributor and is looking forward to working with such an enthusiastic and active partner as Envivo. KnowledgePoint and Unity believe there is a great demand for Unity training in Nigeria. Unity is the creator of the world’s leading real-time 3D development platform, giving users the most powerful and accessible tools to create, operate, and monetize experiences for the real-time world.    

Envivo wants to equip their learners with marketable and in-demand skills, specifically for aspiring animators, digital artists, augmented and virtual reality developers, and game developers. 

“Animation, Games Development, Digital Art, Virtual and Augmented Reality are areas within the creative space, whose potentials have not been fully explored within the continent. We are excited at Envivo to be bringing this expertise to the continent as it fits strategically within our four mission pillars of Educate: Produce: Exhibit: Distribute. We are looking forward to the partnership with KnowledgePoint and Unity Technologies and the transformation it will potentially bring to the continent.” said Olu Obadina, Executive Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer at Envivo.  

“KnowledgePoint is delighted to be working with Envivo as part of the Unity Authorized Training Partner program. We pride ourselves on identifying, onboarding and supporting learning organizations in new territories and sectors, bringing valuable growth opportunities to vendors, partners, and user-communities” said Alastair Jeffery, Head of Business Development, KnowledgePoint Services.    

“We’re excited that through this partnership, Unity is able to offer learners in Nigeria with access to Authorized Training Workshops,” said Anuja Dharkar, Head of Learning, Global Education, Unity Technologies. “These workshops provide learners with the opportunity to master technical Unity skills, which will give them an advantage in the technology-driven workplace of the future.” 

  About Envivo 

The Vision of Envivo Communications is to be the largest enabler of digital transformation, Social Networking, e-commerce and other disruptive solution within diverse sectors, out of Africa. Envivo Communications has a State of the art Content Delivery Network, that facilitates the delivery of Internet-based content; Voice, Video, and Text. The Company Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, has launched its own online streaming app, nvivoTV ( and its own Learning Management System app, iCLASS ( Learn more here 

About KnowledgePoint 

KnowledgePoint has over 10 years of experience in sustainable management and growth of vendor-led training partner programs, providing Partner Support and Business Development Services. Learn more here 


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