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‘A Day in The Life’ Events Successes

Autodesk Learning Partners have been working in collaboration with KnowledgePoint and leading industry customers to create a series of day in the life events hosted in various universities in countries such as; Poland, UK, Germany and Hong Kong. The target audience for these events were students in post-secondary engineering and architecture programs.  

Industry guest speakers came from well-known companies such as Airbus, Rolls Royce, Kellogg Company, Volkswagen, and Autodesk themselvesThe industry subject matter experts engaged with students by sharing their insights on a wide variety of topics such as additive manufacturing, managing digital design and production pipelines, factory planning and much more. 

The main objective was to take Autodesk product training to the next level by having guest speakers from industry share how they work with the technology daily and to introduce the Future of making vision and Autodesk Fusion 360 to them. The aim was to equip students with the digital product creation skills required to support them throughout their degree and explain why these skills are so important to their future career in engineering/ manufacturing.

The students learned how to create a simple model using in-built shapes, extrusions and more.  They moved on to making a model using a sketch. They then created a model for use with simulation to check stress concentrations. A design of a mechanism was introduced, including examples of contact control and replication, mirroring etc. students began to help each other when they got stuck and developed basic competence in working with Fusion 360 and will be able to apply these skills in their project work. 

“Overall, I felt that this was an ideal “Day in The Life” presentation as it was delivered by two passionate advocates of digital transformation, learning and involving young people in that journey.  Will is a very strong advocate of young talent and using Autodesk solutions for his digital transformation, and Oliver was an excellent example of the effect that a Digital Catalyst can have when given an opportunity within a small/medium size business. It was a really well-balanced presentation that was exactly aligned with Autodesk’s strategy and vision” – Steve Cox AAPat the University of East Anglia event  

For example, the presentation by Warren Services at the University of East Anglia gave the students food for thought at the outset of their undergraduate course on why digital is so important, why the skills they were learning over the two days were so valuable, and why they should embrace and learn a number of different digital technologies throughout their course.  It also provided them with a longer-term view of what possibilities exist for a career after graduation.  

These presentations also served as hugely aspirational examples for students who are just about to embark on their professional career by getting a first-hand glance of the day to day for people who have the same educational background as themselves. 

All attending students got to try designing hands-on in Autodesk Fusion 360 

Conclusively, the students had excellent networking opportunities since we had also invited industry customers to attend as wellThese events will continue to be held in various locations across the globe. 

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Image 1 – Marcin Blonski, Kellogg Company 

Image 2 – Students at University of East Anglia  

Image 3 – Students at Warsaw University 

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