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Training business continued and scaled, featuring LAW ANSWERED’s answer to blended

LAW ANSWERED is a thriving London-based publisher of law notes for students. Their study guides are written by qualified lawyers and top students and are famous for their direct, straight to the point approach, helping students achieve the top marks.

For over five years KnowledgePoint has been the preferred supplier of on-demand printed guides for LAW ANSWERED, diversifying and expanding an option of blended training (print and eBook) was a natural next step to take, also driven by the demand from the students themselves.

As an example, the files designed for print (as well as pdf’s, Indesign..)  were easy to covert to MyLiveBook  and the full implementation took less than a week. LAW ANSWERED built resilience & business continuity for their knowhow delivery.

“#Trainingfromhome, 4th industrial revolution is here, “new normal”, #HumansRebooted…”

So many other customers of KnowledgePoint are currently in the process of moving in this direction. Help is at hand. We’ll cherish every moment with our partners and customers, existing and new, supporting, creating and sharing:

“how best to enable online training delivery using ones’ existing printed or blended materials” 

Recently LAW ANSWERED also took the all-important leap to scale their business by outsourcing their fulfilment, customer services and payment processing operations to KnowledgePoint:

KnowledgePoint is full of creativity and people investing the time to understand our long term business goals which deliver a viable solution to help us accomplish those goals. Meanwhile, our students have been thrilled to see their content brought to life with the fantastic new e-learning platform, MyLiveBook”  Pip Harland, LAW ANSWERED

In summary, now is a good time to invest in yourself and your workforce. Individuals and organisations are striving to gain the most knowledge and expertise in specific areas to either make them more tech savvy, employable or simply ‘the best in the business’. With the current situation continuing to provide disruption and drive inevitable change, everyone in the industry will need to be able to cope with the extra pressure of students that want to learn on demand whilst instructors provide training from home.

Help is at hand. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you enable training outside the classroom as a replacement for a physical classroom. Email us at or call us at +44 (0)118 918 1500 

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