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KnowledgePoint congratulates the winners of the 2020 Forma Mentis InnovACTION (FMIA) Award

KnowledgePoint is delighted to join Forma Mentis, Autodesk and other supporters in congratulating Team 4 EDERA, the winners of FMIA2020.

The social initiative provides pro bono technical training and soft skills support to 18 year old students across Italy. KnowledgePoint is proud to support the programme which sees students working in teams using software including Autodesk Revit, Autotodesk Fusion and others.

Paul Gibbons, Founder, Executive Officer says: “This is a fantastic initiative. We were delighted to add our support when Autodesk asked us to get involved.

“We know how working on realistic scenarios can aid the learning process. This programme from Forma Mentis offers such an opportunity to students. They use the software tools they would in professional practice. They develop both technical and soft skills, which they’ll need in their future careers.

“Many congratulations to the winners, Team 4 EDERA. We’re confident they and all the competitors will have developed invaluable new skills during the competition.”

FMIA2020 saw 70 students from 34 schools collaborate on projects for the reconstruction of Piazza Brigata Julia in Amatrice. The winning project from Team 4 EDERA revolves around the concept of a town square, enjoyable for everyone and rich in useful services for the population.

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