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The benefits of transitioning from print to digital – Ray Brown in conversation with Pip Harland from Law Answered

Technology is part of everyday life – increasingly we expect information to be delivered to us at the touch of a button and in a range of formats. In the learning sector we’ve seen a shift towards the digital delivery of learning and content. The shift has to be tailored to the audience and context, which means combining traditional approaches with more modern, digitally-enabled training delivery methods.


Not only is technology re-engineering everyday life and learning, its changing the way legal services will be delivered in the future. The next generation of lawyers will be truly digital natives; never having experienced a world without the internet or smart applications, and they already have different expectations.


KnowledgePoint’s Ray Brown talks to Pip Harland about what all of this means for Law Answered, the publisher of a range of law notes:


Tell me a little about Law Answered and what you’ve observed amongst your students

We publish first-class law notes, written by qualified lawyers and top students. These law notes are content-rich learning materials used in preparation for law qualifications such as LLB, LPC and GDL. Historically students accessed these notes in a printed, physical format but increasingly we’d noticed a growth in demand for digitised learning material from our customers.


How did you respond to this demand?

Firstly, we recognised that in addition to addressing this demand, we needed to achieve business resilience, continuity and high client satisfaction. In short, we needed a solution that could deliver the same benefits of our traditional learning materials, but through an enhanced, digitised experience. So we decided to embark upon a transformation process.


Tell me about what MyLiveBook brings to your business and your students

I’d say MyLiveBook is a great solution for the role we need technology to play. Not all learning material is suitable for eLearning conversion and in our case the need was for something to deliver content-heavy learning material such as you see every day in the legal profession.

We chose to use MyLiveBook as it meets the needs of our clients, offering law notes on the go. Their learning is now accessible across any platform and on multiple devices, and importantly the revision features are perfect for this environment; students can insert, group and sort their own notes, bookmarks and comments, creating personalised revision lists that synch across all devices. They can then return to their “library” later in the process to search their publications for notes, key words and topics.


How was the move to MyLiveBook and a blended model?

The whole process has been very smooth – we had been looking to offer digital copies for a number of years and assumed that it would require a huge effort to add a digital line, but this was not the case at all! The process has been really straightforward – not half as scary as we first thought!


Have you seen a positive impact on your business and what feedback have you had from users?

As a result of introducing MyLiveBook, we’ve seen an increase in client satisfaction. We were also able

to offer out a promotion for any students who had previously only ordered printed notes to purchase the digital version also.

Revenue has increased and we’re able to provide digital learning to students at home sitting their exams. Already over a quarter of our clients have chosen to purchase a digital copy of their law notes in addition to their printed guide. Our students are not in full-time work, so they have limited funds – the fact that they are choosing to spend their money on the addition of digital law notes is so encouraging. This is growing month on month.


Do you have any tips to offer to other learning organisations looking to adopt more digital technology?

My top tip to others thinking about making the leap to digital, is that students are so comfortable using digital formats; even if a move to digital seems like a huge jump for your business, to your customers it is a simple step in the right direction and allows you to improve the student’s learning experience, reduce your carbon footprint and increase accessibility to your products.

Offering all the benefits of traditional learning materials, MyLiveBook delivers learning in digitised form. It works seamlessly alongside other learning platforms to deliver the same benefits of traditional learning materials, but through an enhanced, digitised experience.

As one of the key leading providers of support services to the learning industry KnowledgePoint has built proven solutions for both integrated print production and digitised learning delivery, making the most of technology, automation and AI. We have significant expertise in the process of transitioning from print to digital, as experienced by Pip Harland from Law Answered.

Technology, automation and AI are here to stay. We can help you use these developments in the right way to support the learning process – driving operational efficiencies, enhancing the learning experience and improving customer satisfaction.

Ray Brown, Sales and Marketing Director

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