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What are your predictions for the learning market in the next 12 months?

We spoke to some of the KnowledgePoint Senior Leadership Team and asked the questionwhat are your predictions for the learning market in the next 12 months?”. As you’d expect from a team, they bring different experiences, skills and perspectives to the table. They also had some shared views.  They’ve provided thoughts on a range of factors and predictions for the learning market in the coming year 

Andre Philpot, Founder

Increased demand for training as businesses refocus on core activities and outsource non-core activities. Business will be looking for flexible and resourceful partners to react to learning needs and support the new ways of looking at learning. 

Ray Brown, Sales & Marketing Director

Two things: 1) More consolidation – employers are becoming better informed, more demanding and clearer on what they need, and 2) Analytics – this is way overdue but anyone who knows me knows my thoughts on this. Our industry needs to shift to being driven by insights from analytics. 

Tomas Karlsson, Head of Channel Services

Virtual/blended learning models have been emerging for many years, but I believe that it is here to stay now as many organisations have seen how this adds flexibility and customisation options to learning delivery. 

Classroom training however isn’t going away and will gradually return as learners will always derive great value from the guidance of experienced instructors and the possibility to learn from peers. 

Richard Vicary, Head of Digital Services

I’m hoping that people will, once again, be able to be in face-to-face learning environments among colleagues and peersI anticipate that well take the strengths that have been built up during the COVID-19 pandemic and develop a strongermore dynamic hybrid learning delivery model than some of the binary models of the past.  A model thats able to deliver flexible learning that is boundless from a geographic and time perspective and which enables more people to achieve their learning goals and for more connections to be made among learners.  Connections that act as a catalyst for their ongoing success. 

Paul Gibbons, Founder:  

I believe that the COVID-19 pandemic will drive continued change throughout 2021. But rather than taking big leaps and looking to implement a single system to handle all parts of the learning journey, learning organisations should be taking a stepped approach to change and look carefully at key components of the student user experience.   


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