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Coding is now becoming a staple skill for all graduates across Africa

According to reports, coding is now becoming a staple skill for all graduates across Africa and it’s not enough just to know < colour = blue >.  Coding is used in a number of ways; for example in Southern Africa, it has been embedded in e-commerce, computer science, statistics, IT and electronic engineering qualifications at university level.

It was interesting to read about a recent report from The International Finance Corporation and Google, e-Conomy Africa 2020: Africa’s $180 billion internet economy future. It highlights how the internet economy is transforming the economy and development , creating jobs and providing innovative solutions for a range of sectors.

“A really interesting conclusion from this article is the wide applicability of coding skills. This area is quickly becoming pivotal in a number of industries. Having hands on, practical experience of projects where these skills are applied is key. Unity has created invaluable end-to-end curriculum frameworks that give educators access to ready to go exercises for students.” Tomas, Head of Channel Services.

Coding skills are key to driving the internet economy.  Used to develop websites, in game and XR development, AI and data science, it is apparent these coding skills are becoming increasingly sought after by multiple industries.

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