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New College Lanarkshire (NCLAN) and KnowledgePoint Connect joined up for WorldSkills BIM Final

WorldSkills UK has been compared to by many, like an Olympic Sport – where the best come to showcase their skills. The WorldSkills curriculums are geared around what the industry wants and needs, and is reflected in its occupational standards, in other words – training students for the workplace with the skills the industries need.

KnowledgePoint Connect’s role at WorldSkills has evolved over the years, starting off by demonstrating AR and VR visuals at EuroSkills to being an instrumental part of putting the Building Information Modelling (BIM) competition together last September for WorldSkills World Championship Kazan, Russia.

NEC, Birmingham, hosts WorldSkills UK every year, and many competitions running parallel over the 4 days of which BIM was one of them. This event hosts thousands of visitors, each competition is fenced in, but a visitor/spectator can walk around and follow along what other competitors are working on too. The show is set out in this format to allow students to obtain real skills needed for the industry and create invaluable connections. This is strategic and provides a hands-on approach, and it is not only exciting for the students competing but for spectators too, as it’s all live!

WorldSkills ‘inspires through excellence’ and encourages students to compete in their profession. This year New College Lanarkshire (NCLAN) and KnowledgePoint Connect worked together in creating the new competition on BIM. The competition shows BIM as a new way of digitally managing and designing buildings and engineering processes. Over the years NCLAN have grown to be the leading school in BIM, supported by Autodesk and KnowledgePoint Connect.

Construction is currently undergoing a metamorphosis and for the past few years, BIM has been at the forefront of that change, driving construction to a collaborative and digital world full of easily accessible and useful information. WorldSkills UK gives competitors a really unique opportunity to represent their country in their chosen career or skill, however, the expert training they receive from Training Managers, Performance Coaches and Industry Professionals really does provide them with the knowledge and skills that industry are screaming out for right now and allow them to hit the ground running. Michael McGuire WorldSkills UK Training Manager – BIM WorldSkills UK

The BIM competition had strict requirements that must be adhered too. Students were required to produce Structural and Architectural Models and have a full understanding of ISO 19650-1 and 19650-2 BIM standards and were able to use them effectively in different situations. Competitors used Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks, and Autodesk BIM360 software to complete the tasks.

Alongside NCLAN, Autodesk, and Connect, Baker-Hicks also provided a strong input to the competition and event by being a market leader and industry partner, they provided a strong insight into the requirements of the competition and ensured that it was realistic – and not theoretical. It had to be something tangible, something the students could produce in real life, they also helped to coach the attendees as well.

We would like to say a big thank you to our partners, and a big well done to our competition winners!

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