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Blog: Where learning lives

I have never been academic. Two C grades, an E at A-level, and flunking out of my first year at University because I was doing martial arts just about summarise my formal education.

I feel as though I have been successful despite that, often through good fortune, but mostly just because I’m curious and I hate losing! It was my children that finally brought learning to life for me. I can see the importance of sharing anything of value. Anything that might make their lives better, easier and more balanced.

The transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next, from one individual to another, is the foundation of our lives. As our knowledge has become more complex, as there is more to share, we have found and continue day by day to find, new ways to learn. What began with learning basic skills from those with direct experience, skills like the creation of fire and the use of tools, has become the classroom, the internet and mobile. Now learning is infinitely more personal and infinitely more easy to share across the whole world.

Despite this we still only have five senses with which to absorb everything that we could ever desire to learn, and a limited time and capacity to dedicate. That’s why bringing learning to life continues to be the biggest challenge in the learning industry.

My more recent explorations into learning began in understanding how each of my children reacted to the same experiences very differently. I think now that it was when I realised I had something to share with them that I took an interest. Not my own learning, that’s just been a welcome by-product, but helping others to learn. That’s why I work at KnowledgePoint.

In 1997 KnowledgePoint became part of the story I’ve summarised by offering on demand printing of training manuals to companies that were sharing their lessons with thousands of people all over the world. Our company still does that, better than anyone else as far as I can tell, and many other learning focussed things too.

In the same vein as my journey, and that of the rest of the world, KnowledgePoint adapted over twenty years to offer more. Our digital learning solution, partner channel management, global logistics support and other professional services are available to anyone that creates, delivers or distributes learning.

We literally bring learning to life for our customers.

My eldest of three children is nine as I write this. He still runs to the dinner table for dinner. In fact, he runs to do pretty much anything apart from his homework. I’ve began to wonder; when do we stop running with excitement of the experience to come? I mean when was the last time you ran to the dinner table to eat? And we all enjoy eating. When was the last time you ran to do anything that wasn’t fitness or catching the train related?

What I see in our business is the desire of everyone that works here to create that excitement. Our customers create things that just need learning. We make sure that learning is delivered on time, and in the most effective way, anywhere on Earth for them. That learning comes to life because of the things that are done, designed and built as a result. That’s why I believe KnowledgePoint is where learning lives.

Let me know what you’d like to learn next?

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