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Blog: Fail to realise potential?

Frustrating. A word that a manager could use to describe watching an under confident employee constantly fail to realise their potential to be great.

You might be completely convinced of their skills and abilities, but they are progressing a lot slower than you’d like and impacting productivity.  Their complete lack of confidence may be put down to a number of different factors. Confidence, is the driving force that motivates and inspires an employee to execute better in the workplace.

Despite research into learning and development, there is no quick way to motivate underconfident employees. Discovering that each individual is different and will need encouragement in different areas.

There are 5 simple steps you can take to help you to recognise employees potential

  • Set up regular meetings with your employees
  • Allow employees to demonstrate their strengths
  • Make it clear you have confidence in their abilities
  • Never forget the value of recognition
  • Provide them the opportunity to develop, learn and advance themselves

The key to these points is ensuring communication is absolutely transparent so both parties have a clear, full understanding of the requirements of the conversation. In addition to this, you should consider scheduling bi-weekly or bi-monthly 1-2-1 sessions with your employees. This time should be spent injecting positivity and constructive feedback, this can also help to build trust which is equally important. The conversation should be open and non-judgemental. Offer your advice and support where appropriate, the employee will then see you as someone who can help them realize their potential.

If an employee is insecure about their performance, make sure you take the time to explain their strengths. A little time goes a long way, and your encouraging words will make your employee feel valued. A compliment or a praise will do-wonders for an employee regardless of whether they are confident or not. This is one of the main driving forces in a work place. To be recognised for a job well done, is to significantly increase an employee’s self-esteem and confidence.

As soon as you noticed outstanding employee behaviour, you should take the time to comment and point out the behaviour, this is positive reinforcement and can boost morale. Once confident levels have raised, with the appropriate support the employee themselves will find a way to push their own boundaries.

As a manager, you should encourage your employees to seek advancements. You should also recommend progression in their career. Although they may perceive this as a lack of confidence in their abilities. If you have faith in their skills and desires, let them know.

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