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Blog: Staffing and training hours continue to rise

Do you find that you’re working longer hours than you did 5 years ago? That’s because organisations are spending more on training to enable better positioning in the learning and development industry.

Learning & Development defined

The learning and development strategy is an organisational method that expresses workplace effectiveness, proficiency and expertise required and how these can be matured to secure a viable and successful organisation.

What other factors are being taken into consideration?

In addition to increased spending, another strong indicator that UK organisations are regaining control of their learning and development initiatives is reported increases in staff-to-employee ratios, which increased by 50% between 2012 and 2015. This increased staffing has enabled learning and development groups to take on greater, more diverse training responsibilities in order to upskill their workforces to meet market demands.

  • The number of training hours per employee rose to 12% – this is significantly higher than between 2009-2012
  • Between 2009-2012 organisations slashed employee training hours by nearly 50% in response to the recession and reduced training budgets

What does the increase of working hours mean for employees and professional services?

One of the strongest predictors of high-impact learning and development is strong talent capabilities. High-impact learning organisations tend to understand that the purpose is to capture information in order to improve the productivity, effectiveness, and calibration of the entire function.

Formal training – in regards to learning hours per employee, is now returning to pre-recession levels. In addition, to working hours have increasing, employees will have to work that little bit longer, and harder to sustain the current need for training in the learning and development industry.

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